Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Post


This post kicks off what I hope will become a valuable resource for Siebel Developers of all levels of experience. Something I've learned is that the Siebel toolset is complex enough that everyone can continue to grow in knowledge, even after working with it for years. We all develop habits with our favorite techniques, but the best of us also experiment to discover new ways of making the software do what we need it to do.

In this blog, I hope to touch on many different areas of interest to those of us who work with Siebel. I plan to get into configuring screens and views, as well as more advanced topics such as integration with EAI and EIM, server management, and scripting. If you have a topic you'd like to hear about, please post in comments and I'll consider your topic for a future post.

Siebel has changed over the years, and not all of us are working with the same version. When I am posting about a topic, I will try to highlight version differences when I am aware of them. Comments from developers who work with different versions are also helpful in filling the gaps in my experience. My current job has me working with Siebel 7.8, and I am not an Oracle employee, and those two factors will obviously influence what I choose to write about, but I intend this forum to extend to areas of interest to Siebel developers everywhere.