Thursday, May 22, 2008

Workflow Monitor Agent

Siebel Bookshelf can be a little confusing in its discussion of Workflow Monitor Agent. If you don't read the Bookshelf chapter carefully, you can come away with the impression that Workflow Monitor Agents must be administered from the command line and dynamically configured.

The key to the whole thing, as far as I'm concerned, is the section in the middle of the page that talks about creating "a new workflow monitor agent Component Definition." For several reasons (possibly a future blog topic), it makes sense to split your Workflow Policies into several Workflow Policy Groups. Create as many as you need. For each one, create a separate Workflow Monitor Agent Component Definition. Follow the instructions in Bookshelf.

Set the Default Tasks to 1. This allows you to forget everything about administering Workflow Monitor Agent from the command line. The component will start and stop within the graphical interface.

Set sleep time to the desired amount. Set up an email address and mail server for automatic notifications, and tweak any other parameters that catch you interest.

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