Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The CancelQueryTimeOut Parameter

Long-running queries can be the most aggrevating problem that Siebel users face, and the ability to cancel them is often highly valued. The Siebel High Interactivity client has this capability. When a query has been running for a few seconds, a little pop-up box appears with a "Cancel" button, allowing users to stop the query.

In Siebel 7.7 and 7.8, the parameter to enable this was in the [SWE] section of the application config file (such as fins.cfg). To enable the functionality, change the parameter in the file:

CancelQueryTimeOut = timeout

If timeout is 3, for example, the popup button will appear after 3 seconds. If the value is -1, the popup is disabled.

Unfortunately, many Siebel administrators may believe the CancelQueryTimeOut parameter simply doesn't work in Siebel 8.0. It does work, but it is incorrectly documented. Siebel Bookshelf erroneously says the functionality is enabled in the [SWE] section of the config file, but there is no [SWE] section in Siebel 8.0. In Siebel 8.0, CancelQueryTimeOut is available as an Object Manager parameter.

To enable the functionality in Siebel 8.0:

  1. Go to Administration - Server Configuration -> Enterprises -> Component Definitions
  2. Query for your Object Manager component and select it
  3. In Component Parameters, ensure that "Advanced" parameters are displayed
  4. Query for the CancelQueryTimeOut parameter
  5. Update the parameter to the amount of time, in seconds, you would like to wait before the pop-up button appears on a long-running query (the default is -1, which means the functionality is disabled)
  6. Restart the object manager component

I find that this parameter is very useful for improving user satisfaction and also reducing the number of orphan tasks on the object manager, which can occur when a user closes the browser before a query returns.


Anonymous said...

it helped me a lot, thanks :-)

Unknown said...

can you please post here, what is the name of the popup applet used for cancel query popup... I want to try resizing the applet.