Thursday, February 18, 2010

Interview Question #1 - What is a Link?

I've decided to add a new feature to this blog. With this post, I am introducing a series of interview questions that Siebel developers and development leads should consider when preparing for technical interviews. I've interviewed many developers, and I've been interviewed quite a few times as well, and I have a pretty good idea of what makes a good technical interview question.

When I interview someone, my questions are designed to discover what a candidate knows, not bolster my ego by proving that I know something the candidate doesn't. I focus on the fundamentals of Siebel configuration, allowing the candidate to demonstrate the depth of his or her knowledge.

Q: Please describe the Siebel configuration object called a "Link".

A: The candidate should be able to provide at least two of the following, but should not contradict any of them:
  • A Link defines the relationship between Business Components.
  • Links are used to define a Business Object; the relationships between the primary Business Component and other (child) Business Components in the Business Object are Links.
  • A Link is not the same thing as a Multi-Value Link or a Multi-Value Group, but the definition of a Multi-Value Link does include a Link.
  • A one-to-many Link makes a master-detail View possible.
  • Links are defined on the Business Object layer, using Business Component Fields rather than Table Columns, although many-to-many links use Table and Column names to define the intersection table.
  • The "Source" Field is on the Parent Business Component, while the "Destination" Field is on the Child Business Component.
  • A Link can have a Search Specification.

It's ok to prompt the candidate with leading questions to develop a better understanding of the depth of his or her knowledge, asking open-ended questions wherever possible.

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